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A member of the exclusive ECU Tuning Group, North America’s elite vehicle performance software developer, ETG Toronto utilizes the most advanced performance-enhancing software to enhance the unique characteristics of each vehicle, applying manufacturer-specific tuning to optimize horsepower and reliability

ECU Tuning

Find out how we can help your vehicle perform better with our expert team of software developers and engineers.

What is ECU Tuning?

ECU Tuning helps improve power, torque, and gas mileage all at once.  It safely and effectively modifies your vehicle and implements changes to maximize the potential of your car. On average you will see an 8-10% increase of wheel horsepower and torque on a naturally aspired engine. For forced induction engines, the potential gains are impressive as well! Not only will you experience substantial gains in power, but you’ll also notice a 10-15% increase in miles per gallon (MPG) after your vehicle has been tuned.

Why ETG Toronto?

ECU Tuning Group Toronto is the most elite automotive upgrade service available in Ontario and many of the surrounding area. We combine an extensive amount of tuning experience and training with the convenience of our mobile tuning option to deliver results that our customers love. We use only the highest quality equipment available on the market today and are constantly advancing our technology as well as our training to be at the forefront of the auto industry.

Makes/Models We Tune

To find out more about how we can better improve the performance of your vehicle, please select your car manufacturer to view the ECU Tuning pricing options.

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