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Without a tune, your vehicle is in its least efficient form. By allowing us to tune your ECU, your vehicle and any additional performance parts will finally operate at their optimal performance level. Vehicle manufacturers always sell their vehicles de-tuned from the factory. This acts as a safety net against careless drivers, neglected maintenance, and low-quality fuel. This also combats your BMW’s performance potential. Let ETG Toronto remap your ECU so you can experience all of the performance gains that are being left on the table.

BMWs from 2000 onwards can be programmed via obd2 or by bench flashing. The F cars can be programmed via pbd2 only and we also have an option where we use a performance module which allows us to gain power from the vehicle. This module contains a processor that we can program for a specific BMW. The module controls cam timing, boost, etc. The benefit of this module, is that you can always put the vehicle back to stock – in a matter of seconds – before taking your vehicle in for servicing. This module can also be transferred onto other BMWs and other brand vehicles (please click here for further info / please contact us for more information regarding this). The reason we recommend this module on F cars is because every time your car is taken in for servicing, the ECU programming is over ridden – and with our module, you will not have this problem.

Price List (CAD)
545i/550i/645i/650i/745i/ 750i/X5$860
760i/Li 2002-2008$860
ALPINA B7 2008$1,125
ALPINA B7 2010-2012 $1,990
ALPINA B6/B7 2013- $2,655
M5/M6 2005-2009$1,060
M5/M6 2005-2009 ECU with Euro Launch $2,255
M3 2007-$1,060
135i/335i/535i/Z4 35i 2007-2009$1,060
135i/335i/535i 35i N55 (Module)$1,325
135i/335i/535i 35i N55$1,325
X5/X6 35i N54$1,060
X5/X6 50i -2013$1,655
X5M/X6M -2013$1,990
X5M/X6M 2015- (Module)$1,855
X5M/X6M 2015-$2,655
1M $1,325
118i 2013-$925
320i 2013-$1,325
328i/X1 28i 2011-$1,325
640i/740i 2010-$1,325
M2 $1,325
M3/M4/GTS 2014- $1,590
550i/GT550/650i/750i 2009-12 $1,855
550i/GT550/650i/750i/X5/X6 2013- $2,655
M5/M6 2013 (Module) $1,855
M5/M6 2013 $2,655
BMW 760i 2011- $2,655
BMW I8 $1,725

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